Pens From Way Back

Montblanc is a company that started making pens way back in the early 20th century, and their pens were so nice and luxurious back then that only the richest of the rich could really afford to use them on a daily basis. They were the fanciest of pens that you would ever use, and still today Montblanc offers some of the best pens on the market, and they just so happen to be very fancy still today. And I’m not talking like these Montblanc pens are $20 pens or even fifty dollar pens because these pens are literally close to and over one thousand dollars per pen, and if you think about that you’ll surely realize that these pens are some of the most expensive out of anywhere in the world, and that’s simply because you can not get a better pen anywhere in the world from anywhere.

That’s right, Montblanc pens are by far the best pens that you could possibly buy, and if you have the means to spend hundreds of dollars on a pen then you should definitely consider buying a pen from Montblanc so that you can feel the prestige and truly feel like an artist of the literary form and create art and write whatever it is that you may need to art in a way that other artists would cringe for the chance to have with their own art and their own desperate lives.

If you really think about it, calling Montblanc’s products pens just doesn’t do them justice, because these are not just pens they are writing instruments that will transform your writing tremendously and will dispel some of the most luxurious ink in the entire world onto the paper in which you need content to be written upon. It’s something that only certain very wealthy people ever truly understand, but when you do start writing with a Montblanc pen you are for sure going to realize that these writing instruments are like no other you have ever used before in your entire life, and there are so many different styles of instruments that you can choose from with Montblanc.


There are the very classy fountain pens that dispel ink in a very unique and old school type of way, and then there are the ballpoint pens that a lot of us are very used to in today’s times where pens are always really cheap, and then there is also the rollerball type of pen that is similar to the ballpoint, but has some more fluidity to it and is more expensive.
What you should know is that all of these different styles of pens from Montblanc are all really expensive, and they are expensive for honest purposes because these pens are by far the most luxurious pens you can lay your hands on and write with, so with that comes a cost of around one thousand dollars per pen. So if you have the cash and the insensibility, go out and get a Montblanc pen.

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Writing as an Art Form

Writing has and always will be a really great art form, and it’s true that humans have always been really fascinated by really good writing, and for the most part writers have always had trouble getting themselves published and out there to the public because it is a pretty expensive process that a lot of people in the public don’t quite understand how complicated the whole publication process may be. Take it from me, I’m a struggling writer who is trying to get his first book published and am still in the whirlwind of literary agents and publishing houses as they start to make some type of deal of some sorts while I wait around and write articles like this one to pay my bills and keep myself fed properly until I can try to get a serious pay day that may change my life. But thus this is the life of a literary artist, but the truth of the matter is that I am not actually that good of a writer, and although I would consider myself to be good at typing, when it comes to my handwriting and my ability to actually write down words on paper my handwriting isn’t that good and I definitely get cramps after writing really fast for long periods of time. But that when it comes down to it is the true form of art that is writing, and there are still some writers who insist on writing on paper with a pen because they know that in that time it takes to write something out your brain is going to think very differently because it takes much longer and you are really putting in the effort to write out your thoughts, so of course your brain has more time to think and contemplate its next move as you write with pen and paper.


Just think about writers from a long time ago like Mark Twain who wasn’t even around barely at all for the advancements of the type writer, although they did have printing presses way back then it still was a huge effort to write full-length novels like Mark Twain did for his entire career. And even when people would use typewriters making a mistake was absolutely drastic because you would have to go back and correct yourself and white out your mistakes and wait for the white out to dry, so you seriously never wanted to make a mistake.


But of course these courageous men were a part of an era in which we all would use pens, and let’s be honest, the pen is by far one of the most impressive inventions for the literary world because it definitely started making writing much easier and it was something that every writer would use before ink would later become obsolete and now every writer uses a computer to get his or her work completed. But way back in the day the invention of the pen was revolutionary, and there is only one company that really made that big splash on the literary marketplace like no other company in the world, and that company is called Montblanc.


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Vintage Touch

Montblanc is known to create some of the best pens in the market with a vintage touch to each piece. Each pen from the company is a masterpiece with a high-end design and quality. The craftsmanship that has been put into the manufacture of these pens is of the highest quality to allow smooth flow of ink. There is a wide Montblanc Cruise Collection to choose from. Here is a look at some of the popular designs and why they are the best pens in the world.
1. Ballpoint Pen
Meisterstück Platinum Line Classique Ballpoint Pen If elegance is a priority, then this is the ball pen to go for. This is a deep black precious resin with elegant platinum coated details that make this pen outstanding. It gets its great appearance due to the fact that it has been surmounted by the white Montblanc emblem which evolves into a distinctive design icon. This is a pen with a twist mechanism and can also be refilled. The Montblanc ballpoint pen refills include: pacific blue, mystery black, fortune green, nightfire red, India orange, Barbados blue and amethyst purple.
Meisterstück Doue Blue Hour Classique Ballpoint Pen This is a precious, blue lacquered solitaire pen that has fittings. What makes this pen different for the rest is that it creates a smooth contrast and breaking mood on the paper. This serves as a design inspiration.
This is pen has a vintage feel when you hold it thanks to the hexagon pattern on the barrel. The refills are available ranging with different colors. You can choose from Nightfire red, Fortune Green, Mystery black, Pacific blue, India orange, Barbados blue and Amethyst purple.
Meisterstuck White Red Gold Classique Ballpoint Pen.This is a pure, classical, white lacquered version of Montblanc’s design icon. What makes the Meisterstuck white red gold classique ballpoint pen popular and somewhat expensive is the precious white lacquer and red gold-coated details on the sleek and moderate design. This is what gives it a timeless elegance each time you stick it on your pocket.
There are different colors you can choose from when looking for refill. They include Pacific Blue, Mystery Black, Fortune Green, Nightfire red, India orange, Barbados blue and Amethyst purple. This is a pen with twist mechanism.
Meisterstück 90 Years Special Edition Classique Ballpoint Pen This is a 90 year old vintage pen that takes you back to the history and culture of quality writing. This is an iconic ballpoint pen and regarded as the precious Special edition from Montblanc ever crafted. You will love the black lacquer coats on this elegant ballpoint pen.
The pen has Montblanc ballpoint pen refills like Pacific Blue, Nightfire red, Amethyst purple, India orange, Barbados blue and Mystery black. This fine piece of art is one of the few Montblanc emblems made of mother-of-pearl. It also has an elegant red gold-coated clip with individual serial number.
2. Fountain Pen
Platinum Meisterstück  Line 149 Fountain Pen This is a unique fountain pen that’s available with platinum-coated fittings. The Meisterstück platinum line 149 fountain pen is a piece of art that gives you a taste of history with a platinum-coated clip that has an individual serial number. The barrel is a black precious resin. You will love the Montblanc emblem on the cap.
When it comes to the refills, you can pick from the following: Oyster Gray, Mystery black, Midnight blue, Royal blue, Lavender purple, Burgundy red, Toffee brown, Corn poppy and Irish Green. This is just the best piston fountain pen you will ever find in the market.
Meisterstück Solitaire Blue Hour Legrand Fountain Pen This is a classic fountain pen from Montblanc that has a more precious look. Meisterstück solitaire blue hour Legrand fountain pen is a blue lacquered solitaire product that has platinum-coated fittings. This is the type of a fountain pen that creates a smooth contrast and breath-taking mood. This serves as a design inspiration.
You will love the vintage look you get from the hexagon pattern on the handcrafted rhodium-coated gold nib. The cap is coated with blue lacquer, inlaid with montblanc emblem. The pen can be refilled with refills such us; Royal blue, Mystery black, midnight blue, Lavender purple, Burgundy red, Oyster gray, Irish green, Toffee brown and Corn red.

What sets this fountain pen apart from the rest is the fact that it has a piston converter. This means that you can use different ink cartridges of your choice. The nib is a Hand-crafted Au750 / 18 K gold with a special design of rhodium coating. The available cartridges come with the following colors: Burgundy Red, Lavender Purple, Mystery Black, Royal Blue, Oyster Gray, Irish Green, Corn Poppy Red, Toffee Brown and Midnight Blue.

Meisterstück Legrand Traveller Fountain Pen The gold-coated details on this pen is a signature of greatness from the collection of the Meisterstück LeGrand Traveler pens. The white star emblem surmounted and the handcrafted gold nib finish also completes this Montblanc pen and gives it the iconic design.

The pen is also equipped with a classic travel case of smooth black cowhide which makes it a perfect companion even when you travel for a meeting. This is also a cartridge pen like the rest from this category and has a gold-coated cartridges filing system. The ink cartridges come in the following colors: Midnight Blue, Burgundy Red, Lavender Purple, Mystery Black, Royal Blue, Irish Green, Corn Poppy Red, Oyster Gray and Toffee Brown.

3. Rollerball
Meisterstück White Solitaire Red Gold Classique Rollerball If you are looking for a pure Meisterstück White Solitaire Classique then this is the pen you need to have in your pocket. The design of this classical and white lacquered version of Montblanc pens is just iconic.

The sleek and moderate design is revealed by the precious white lacquer and red gold-coated details. The finished product you get is a timeless elegant piece of art. This rollerball pen can be refilled with the following colors: Pacific Blue, Nightfire Red, Mystery Black, Fortune Green, Barbados Blue, India Orange and Amethyst Purple. The fineliner refills include Amethyst Purple, Pacific Blue, Mystery Black and Barbados Blue.

The vintage design can be seen from the hexagon pattern on the barrel and cap. Just like other Montblanc pens in the market, this one also comes with profiles that include the Pacific blue and the Mystery black.
Meisterstück Red Gold Classique Rollerball The body and the cap of this elegant rollerball pen is formed by the classic shape of deep black precious resin. This is what makes Meisterstück Red Gold Classique Rollerball accepted in the diverse writing culture.The refined aesthetics is complemented by the gleaming red gold-coated fittings and the white star emblem. There is a wide range of refills to choose from including; Pacific Blue, Nightfire Red, Fortune Green, Amethyst Purple, Mystery Black, Barbados Blue and India Orange. The fineliner refills available include: Pacific Blue, Amethyst Purple, Mystery Black and Barbados Blue.

Masters For Meisterstück Firenze Rollerball Montblanc are known as the creators of exquisite writing instruments and there is no product that proves that fact like the Masters For Meisterstück Firenze Rollerball. The engravings on the cap-top and cone has been inspired by the city of Florence. The rollerball refills include Mystery Black and Pacific Blue.


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Writers Edition

Writers Edition
This is the ball point pen that has been used by many writers since 1992. This remarkable pen enabled authors to write wonderful work that was used in the past and is still relevant up to date. It is the kind of pen that will never become obsolete. Its quality is still excellent and is still the same great writing instrument that it was in the olden days. Its effect is still being felt to the present day generations.
The pen enables you as a writer to write with much ease which in turn enhances the flow of ideas so that you can put them down on paper. In other words, it boosts you creativity. The resultant effect is well constructed work with excellent ideas and information that will be of much help to many other people. As a writer, it will be an uphill task to achieve this without using this amazing pen. This is clear evidence that Montblanc pen is the best pen in the world.
Writing edition collection which can be found online include Writers Edition Leo Tolstoy fountain pen, Writers Edition Leo Tolstoy ballpoint pen, Writers Edition Leo Tolstoy Ball point pen and many more.
Muses Edition
This breathtaking writing instrument has everything that qualifies Montblanc pen as the best pen in the world. It has the exceptional ability to radiate great elegance as well as an irresistible aura. Who doesn’t like elegance? Everyone one wants to have something that looks stylish and attractive. This is exactly what you will find in this kind of Montblanc pen.
The aura that it gives when writing is just mind blowing. It keeps you wanting to use the pen all the time. This enables you to do a great and lengthy writing job without experiencing any fatigue. It makes you to enjoy every moment you are using it.
Muse Edition includes Princesse Grace De Monaco Ivory colored fountain pen, Princesse Grace De Monaco Ivory Colored ball point pen and many more.

Etoile de Montblanc Sand
This superlative Montblanc pen is a symbol purity and persistence. There has never been a pen in the world whose purity can be matched with Etoile de Montblanc Sand. It gives you results that you will not want to compare with any other writing instrument. It is a class apart and simply indisputable.
In addition it is very persistent in writing. This guarantees you good writing work no matter the situation.

Final thought
Up to this juncture, it can be declared that indeed Montblanc pen is the best pen in the world. It comes in different types which all work well. It has been used by many famous people including presidents. This explains how great it is. It is still on the lead and we are yet to see if ever there shall be an innovation of another pen that will beat Montblanc.

Montblanc Cruise Collection

Montblanc Cruise Collection
This glossy Montblanc pen has precious resin with extremely bright and cheerful colors. It is the kind of pen that will put you in the good mood to write. When you are kind of bored or simply gloomy, the bright colors will liven you up. In no time, your mood will have changed for an amazing writing job. This is the kind of magic that this type of Montblanc pen which is available online can do. If it is not the best pen in the world, then the true definition of the world best is not yet known. Its collection includes Montblanc cruise collection ballpoint pen, Montblanc cruise collection white rollerball, Montblanc cruise collection atlantic rollerball, Montblanc cruise collection coral color ballpoint pen and many more.
If you love craftsmanship in a writing instrument, then this is the kind Montblanc pen to go for. It is crafted so well that it will grab your attention, making you to buy and explore the wonderful writing job it does.
Even though they say do not judge a book by its cover, this commonplace saying is an exception to Starwalker. They way you like it when you see it for the first time is the same way you will love it when you use it . It is just incomparable. StarWalker collection includes starwalker world time fountain pen,starwalker worldtime fine walker, starwalker urban speed screenwriters(including fine liner exchange), starwalker platinum resin ballpoint pen and many more.

Montblanc M
This outstanding pen is a very new iconic instrument for writing. It excellently expresses the unequalled writing culture of Montblanc pen by writing in a fine and overly impressive manner. It is designed to enable you write in a fine manner that will easily attract and impress any reader. No wonder it is commonly used by business executives when signing deals or making other business agreements. In addition, it is new and matches the current writing needs so perfectly that no other present day pen can do. This makes it the best pen in the world.
Its collection includes:Montblanc M fountain pen, Montblanc M screenwriter,Montblanc M ballpoint pen, Montblanc M rollerball and Montblanc M art fineliner which can be found online.

This magnificent Montblanc pen is usually regarded as the highest achievement as far as writing instruments is concerned. It gives you an exciting penmanship experience. It features diamond with varying weights of carats. The presence of diamond carats makes it strong and durable. Diamond is also a shiny metal that is used as jewelry. This makes this spectacular pen very shiny from outside besides the good writing job it does. It gives you penmanship experience that you will not find in any other pen. When using it, you will always feel like you want to write more.
Boheme collection includes Boheme Doue moongarden fountain pen,Boheme doue moongarden ballpoint pen, Boheme place fountain pen among others.

Great Characters Edition
Great Characters Edition is said to be one of the best ways through which Montblanc pen pays tribute to people who were very influential in the last century. These are people who made history owing to their remarkable achievements. They also set standards in various fields such as science, politics, science, sports, music and many more. It can be termed as the pen for achievers. This simply shows that indeed it is the best pen in the world.

Great Characters Edition collection includes Great Characters Edition Andy Warhol fountain pen, Great Characters Edition Andy Warhol ballpoint pen and John F. Kennedy special edition rollerball.

The Best Pens In The World

TRUTH: Why Montblanc Pen Is The Best In The world
Forget about the ordinary pens you use in your daily writing activities. It does not matter whether the pen you are using writes well or does a fair writing job. Don’t mind about the few dollars you spent to buy it. And if you thought that all pens are cheap, then you are in for a rude shock. You will understand why you need to do more research before coming to conclusion that a particular pen is the best. There are factors to consider. If you know them, well and good. What we introducing here will blow your mind in an instant. You will be marveled and equally amused. This is not just an ordinary pen.
We are talking about the one and only Montblanc pen. Yes. That is the mighty and power pen that has continued to rock the world for 9 decades. It is not stopping any soon. It is still on the leading front. It is arguably the best pen ever made in the entire world. It is available online. This means that you can easily access and buy it.
Montblanc pen is manufactured in Germany by Montblanc company . One thing you should know about their products is that their quality is unsurpassed. Always the best.
This excellent pen has attracted many people especially world leaders as well as the rich and famous.
To begin with, the fact that world head of states can choose to use Montblanc pen over many other brands available proves beyond any reasonable doubt that indeed it is the best pen in the world. Some of such instances which saw world leaders use it was when the former US president JF Kennedy was hosted by Chancellor Konrad Adenauer in Cologne ,West Germany. After realizing that the Chancellor had no pen to do the signing, J.F Kenney reached into his pocket and produced his pen to prevent what would be interpreted as humiliation. The pen was none other than Montblanc pen.
Other famous leaders in the world who have used this remarkable and reputable pen that is proudly manufactured by Montblanc are the US president Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth of Britain. Just what can make such celebrated personalities opt for such a pen? The answer is simple and self explanatory. It is because Montblanc pen is simply the best. It is not just perfect. Instead it is far from perfection. No pen matches it. Absolutely none.
In order to understand much about Montblanc pen which is also available online, lets narrow down and look at specific examples of this unequalled pen that will require you to spend some good amount of money before you can buy it. Yes. It is expensive. No wonder it is mainly owned by the haves in the society. You will understand later why it is worth the price.
Here Are The Types Of Montblanc Pens

Montblanc M
Star Walker
Montblanc Cruise Collection
Writers Edition
Muses Edition
Etoile de Montblanc sand
Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912

These Are The Basic Features of Montblanc pen

The nib
Cap Trim
The Nib
The nib usually comes in different sizes to enable you write according to your pretences. You can write in thin, medium and thick lines of ink. Where else do you get a pen that offers you this exceptional functionality? It is good for those people who find it difficult to read small letters that are usually produced by ordinary pens due to uniform size of nibs. With Montblanc pen, you can write big letters which can easily be read by people who have partial eyesight problems. But still if you want to maintain the ordinary writing thickness, you can simply use the medium nib and you will have what you want. It is that simple. Simply adjust the nib to achieve your desired writing thickness.
The Barrel
The barrel is made from premium quality plastic material which makes it less susceptible to breakage hence durable. It is designed with standard thickness to allow you hold the pen with excellent comfort so as to write with much ease as you enjoy what you are doing. It is neither too thick nor very thin. Everything about it is standard. That is why most people love it. This exemplary feature also makes Montblanc pen especially Meisterstuck , the best pen in the world.
The cap
Montblanc pen does not just have an ordinary cap. It is very special with a unique design. It is highly stylized with some having a snow capped representation e. g Meisterstuck. This makes it beautiful and attractive besides providing cover and protection to both the barrel when writing and the nib when not in use.
The Trim
The trim of some types of Montblanc pen is designed with golden rings as well as internal sheer girth. This makes the barrel and trim to stick into each other perfectly. This is a feature that you will find in no other pen except Montblanc pen. No wonder it is the best in the world.
Which Montblanc Pens Are Available Online?
Montblanc company manufactures the following pens which are available online.
This remarkable pen was invented in 1924.It was the first Montblanc pen to be made by Montblanc company. It is the most famous and popular pen of all time. With many famous leaders in different parts of the world using it on several occasions, it became a global pen and still continues to stand out as the best pen in the world. In comes with a variety of options. Meisterstuck platinum line 149 fountain pen, Meisterstuck platinum red gold 149 fountain pen, Meisterstuck platinum line classique ballpoint pen.